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Photos: 2009 Nissan GTR (Modified)

by: Mike Ginsca

Modifying cars is a multi-billion dollar business. It’s such a big business that there are week long conventions that showcase the latest in new aftermarket parts with the most famous convention being SEMA. And the R35 Nissan GTR is one of the most extensively modified vehicles on the market right now. But there are different ways to modify this car.

As shown in my previous Nissan GTR photoshoot, it can be made to look completely different than anything else on the roads today. Or like the owner of this Nissan GTR has done, make it faster than just about any car on the roads today. While this particular GTR doesn’t have the flamboyant body kit, it has been upgraded with a host of aftermarket parts that brought the power in the vicinity of 800hp. And without having to worry about a big body kit or air suspension, this GTR is fast on a racetrack as well. Unfortunately there’s not review with this particular Nissan GTR but I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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