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Photos: 1993 Honda Civic DX (Modified)

Do not adjust your eyes. On the face of it this appears to be a run of the mill Honda Civic with some fancy wheels. But look closer and you’ll see that this is probably one of the most meticulously restored Civic on the planet.

The owner, Jason, has always had a love for Civics. Since 1999, he’s had four – including this one – that he meticulously restored and modified to his liking. But this latest one is his most prized possession to date. It was a 1 owner vehicle that only had 74,000 km on the odometer when he bought it 3 years ago. It was bone stock with an automatic transmission, blue interior, and absolutely no rust.

It was already white when he purchased it but Jason really liked the Polar White that is found on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. So he decided to completely strip the Civic and repaint it in Mercedes-Benz Polar White. As for the rest of the car, he wanted to keep it era-correct where possible and upgrade with the very best JDM parts elsewhere. So the car has brand new seals, gaskets, nuts, bolts, and so on but with mainly Mugen & Spoon aftermarket performance parts.


The engine is a B18C5 that has been bored & stroked to 2.0L and upgraded with forged pistons, rods, and crankshaft. Mated to the engine is a Civic Type-R (EK9) manual transmission with an ATS 1.5-way limited slip differential. Spoon N1 coilovers keep the Mugen MF10 & Pirelli Trofeo R wheel/tire combo glued to the road while Spoon Twinblock calipers stop the car on a dime.

On the inside, the old blue interior has been removed in favor of an all black trim. The Mugen S1 bucket seats keep you very snug around corners while the Mugen Racing 3 leather steering wheel feels just right in your hands. Other notable updates to the interior include an NSX Type-R horn button, Mugen pedals, Defi DIN gauges, and a factory A/C system install to keep cool in the hot summers.

All in all, this car has been a labor of love for Jason but he did not disclose to me the exact amount of money that was poured into it. But the end results speak for themselves. This is one of the best restored and modified 1993 Honda Civic in Canada… perhaps the world. Enjoy the photos.

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