News: Is BMW Working on a Mid-Engined Supercar?

There have only ever been two mid-engined BMW cars for the streets; the M1 in the 70’s & 80’s and more recently the i8 which ended production earlier this year. However, there appears to be a new prototype out on the streets of Germany that looks like it may be a new mid-engined BMW supercar.

BMW mid-engined supercar
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When you first glance at the photos from, the car looks like a BMW 8-series. You can read my review of the M850i here. But upon closer inspection, this 8-series is not like the others. There are air intakes where the rear side windows should be. The rear window is also covered and the spy photographer said to other outlets that this car sounded different than a standard M850i or an M8.

BMW unveiled a new mid-engined concept last year called the Vision M Next. Before the pandemic hit, the company had hinted that it would see production. But after the global pandemic and downturn in the economy, it said that the project was shelved. But from the spy photos it appears that the project is back on track and in its early stages. Or so we hope…

As mid-engined cars go, the proportions are a bit off for this one. Normally the hood would be shorter with the cabin further forward and there would be larger air intakes for the engine on the side of the car. There would also be vents in back to expel the heat that the engine would generate but there don’t seem to be any vents in the back of this test mule. A more likely scenario is that this is a test platform for new parts for either the 8-series or perhaps a future model. However, only time will tell.

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