News: 1,200 hp Hennessey Tuned Corvette In The Works

Texas tuning company, Hennessey Performance Engineering, unveiled its plans for the upcoming C8 Corvette. Those plans include taking the base Stingray 6.2L V8 engine and slapping a couple of turbochargers to it that will more than double the horsepower output from 495 hp to 1,200 hp.

Hennessey is no stranger to taking already fast cars and trucks and getting them to produce twice the power they came with from the factory. They are the ones who also held a world production car speed record with the Hennessey Venom, a bespoke supercar based on a Lotus Exige.

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The company says that the Hennessey C8 Corvette will have new forged internals to cope with the added pressures of the turbochargers and that they will continue to use the C8 Corvette’s 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. Albeit with some reinforcements to cope with the power. Other upgrades include bigger brakes, new suspension, and carbon fiber body work for improved aerodynamics at high speed.

But if 1,200 hp is too much for you, a milder upgrade in the form of a supercharger kit will be made available with approximately 700 hp.

The first few C8 Corvettes will arrive in dealerships in America by February 2020 and Hennessey plans on starting development of the 1,200 C8 Corvette shortly after.

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