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Review: 2022 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Plug-In Hybrid

Lincoln has a great, classy style in my opinion. Its vehicles are not flashy but are very elegant and subtle. The 2022 Lincoln Corsair AWD Grand Touring Plug-In Hybrid is a great SUV and can be very comfortable and suitable for bigger families.


Lincoln Corsair PHEV

The 2022 Grand Touring has a 2.5L I-4 Hybrid engine. It is paired with a CVT transmission and produces a combined 266hp. The great thing about the Plug-In Hybrid is that you can drive it on just electricity alone or, of course, gas. During my time with the Corsair GT, I was able to drive a maximum of 46km on pure electricity but of course this may change depending on the weather; it may be more or less. Although this range isn’t the greatest, it makes up for it being a fuel-efficient SUV. With that range, you can run a few nearby errands on pure electricity, and it can be charged from a level 2 charger in about 2-3 hours from 0-100%. I averaged 5.3 L/100km so for the size of the Corsair I think its perfect on gas although I know I could have averaged less. The Corsair Plug-In Hybrid is rated for a combined 6.9 L/100km city and 7.3 L/100km highway on gas only. 0-60 mph (96 km/h) is done in about 8 seconds so it is not super fast but that’s ok because it is meant more for comfort.

Lincoln Corsair PHEV


Driving in the Corsair is quite comfortable and relaxing. It doesn’t have a super quiet cabin as you can hear the engine noise while driving on preserve mode, but it isn’t all that loud to the point where you cant hear your passengers speaking. I really liked that it feels stable while at higher speeds through corners. It did not feel like it was going to roll over thanks to its adaptive suspension. It is not sporty so even though it drives well through corners it still doesn’t quite have that sporty feel. If driving on ‘Excite’ mode, you will feel a bit of difference when accelerating from a stop hence the mode. It has the kick of the electric motor which gives it a boost to launch a bit faster and smoother.

Lincoln Corsair PHEV


Lincolns are known for their multi-way power seat adjustments and I’m all for it but there was something about the seats in the Corsair that I did not like. I had no issues with the seats on the Aviator when I test drove it a while back, but I did with this one. My discomfort was due to the side bolsters which felt too narrow for my hips. Now, I did play around with it quite a bit and I still could not manage to find a comfortable position so there goes all the multiple adjustments. Aside from the seats, it is a comfortable ride, and a nice place to be in. You will not feel squished inside the Corsair GT plug in hybrid. There is plenty of space for average height adults and in the back as well. With the front seats pushed all the way back, there is still enough space in the backseats.


Lincoln Corsair PHEV

I really liked how the inside of the Corsair looks, it is very elegant and even better with the sandstone leather seats. It is equipped with a 8-inch touchscreen and although it is fairly simple to navigate, I did find it to be super slow and laggy. One thing I noticed was that it didn’t update song titles correctly when forwarding to the next song. The driver display would appear differently than on the infotainment. Other than that minor complaint, it looks and feels great. It is equipped with a panoramic sunroof which I love in every vehicle, ambient lighting, wireless charging pad, head-up display, and the list goes on with all the cool features it has. One thing I disliked was having to turn off the climate control through the touchscreen. Turning it on was easy with just one touch of a button so not sure why that button wasn’t used for on/off.


Like the interior, it is also great looking on the outside. The Corsair has a stylish body and I really like the front grille. It is equipped with 19-inch wheels. There isn’t a whole lot going on the outside, like I mentioned previously, it has a very elegant look to it which I find attractive.

Lincoln Corsair PHEV


Now comes the real question, is the Corsair GT Plug-In Hybrid worth considering? It has a starting price of $59,900CAD ($51,810USD) as equipped, it came to a total of $76,025CAD ($65,175USD). Now for this price, you have a few options, and this isn’t one that would be at the top of your list at least not on mine. Of course, it depends on what your priorities are. Also keep in mind this is a Plug-In Hybrid and as we know there aren’t a whole lot of luxury plug-ins currently. The Corsair doesn’t have a whole lot of electric range but it is great on gas, it is a smooth ride as it drives great, and seats are fairly comfortable. As it is on the luxury side, it is pricey but if you find it is the perfect SUV for you, then I think you will be happy with your purchase.

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