Review: 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T

Genesis is to Hyundai as what Lexus is to Toyota. It began as a premium Hyundai model with the Hyundai Genesis Sedan in 2008 and it officially became its own brand in 2015. It currently offers 4 models including the G90, G80, G80 Sport and the latest being this G70; the smallest of the family. So how does it compare to the other luxury brands?


Engine – The Genesis G70 is available with two engines. A 2.0L turbo developing 252hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, or this equipped 3.3L twin-turbocharged V6 developing 365hp and 376 lb-ft of torque. The power figures are more than what the other brands offer, so long as you stay away from the much more expensive AMG, ///M, RS, F-Sport, etc. territories. The engine feels lively and delivers all of its peak torque from a ridiculously low 1,300 rpms to 4,500 rpms. Engage launch control (yes, in a Hyundai product), and the G70 accelerates to 100 km/h in around 4.5 seconds. Not bad for a sedan that’s the better part of 1,800 kg.

2019 Genesis G70 Sport

The weight though does make for a fairly thirsty engine. Genesis claim a 13.3 L/100km fuel economy rating in a city and 9.5 on a highway but during my time with it, the best I could manage is 13.6 L/100km overall. The engine also makes a pretty good V6 growl, it’s just too bad that it’s fake. Majority of the engine noise that you hear is from the speakers. Thankfully though you can turn it off in which case the cabin is so well insulated that you don’t really hear the engine that much.

Transmission – An 8-speed automatic is the only transmission available with the 3.3L V6. This is not a transmission that is sourced from another company but rather one that Hyundai developed themselves. Overall it is very good. Smooth when driving normally and very quick when in Sport mode and using the paddle shifters.

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2019 Genesis G70 Sport

Braking – The Sport trim adds 4 piston Brembo calipers to the front brakes and 2 piston Brembos to the back. Coming to a stop is effortless for the big brakes and they’re fairly easy to modulate once up to temperature. When they’re cold in the mornings for example, they can be a bit sensitive.

Handling – For such a heavy sedan, the Genesis G70 feels surprisingly light on its wheels. It’s not as well refined as a BMW but for what you’re paying for, it’s very good. Steering feel is better than most despite it being an electro-assisted system. This Sport trim G70 3.3T comes equipped with 19” Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires and 255 wide rear tires to provide a good amount of grip. The 3.3T though is only available with AWD which is good for non-ideal driving conditions but the 2.0T is available with RWD which makes it much easier to go sideways for a bit of fun.

2019 Genesis G70 Sport


Ride Comfort – Being the more sport oriented sedan of the Genesis family, the G70 manages to be a good balance between sportiness and comfort. The higher trim models come with electronically adjustable suspension which adjusts depending on which drive mode is selected. In normal/comfort mode, the suspension is soft but still firm enough to not make the car feel like a boat. In sport mode, it firms up a bit but it’s still bearable in daily driving conditions on city streets.

2019 Genesis G70 Sport

Interior Space – The seats also add to the comfort by being supportive and plush. Although I would personally preferred if there was more side bolstering. The back seats however are tight for both leg and headroom. Trunk space is generous at 311L of space.

Noise, Vibration, & Harshness – As mentioned earlier, the cabin is very well insulated from outside noises. Turn off the “enhanced” engine noise system, and even when the engine revs to around 4,000 rpms, it is still relatively quiet. Squeaks and rattles are non-existent.

Interior Design – The G70’s interior design follows in the footsteps of it’s bigger brothers, and unfortunately in some areas, in it’s Hyundai cousins. The same overall dashboard design is akin to what the G80 Sport has. But the infotainment system is identical to the one found in the Hyundai Sonata or Elantra for example. The quilted leather is a nice touch with the contrast stitching and at night the cabin has a subtle glow from the ambient lighting. Overall it’s well laid out, simple to use, and ok to look at.

2019 Genesis G70 Sport

Odds and Ends

Gadgets – Like the G80 Sport, the Genesis G70 is available with gadgets one would expect from a premium luxury brand. Nav, heated and ventilated seats, heads-up display, adaptive cruise control, forward collision emergency braking, and so on. Some luxury features though are not available such as massaging seats or some form of auto-pilot system but for a car that costs $57,500 CAD, it’s very well equipped.

2019 Genesis G70 Sport

Exterior Design – Ever since the Genesis G90 came out and every other Genesis car after it, I haven’t been a fan of their styling. The grille is too prominent and massive. While the back is too bland looking. The G70 is much of the same. Too big of a grille, bland rear, and what’s worse are the boring looking wheels on this 3.3T Sport trim.


But despite the exterior looks, the 2019 Genesis G70 is an excellent choice for someone who wants a luxury sedan that is also fun to drive. Best of all though, the Genesis purchasing and owning experience is unlike any other auto manufacturer. Request a test drive online and they will deliver it to you. Purchase a Genesis online through their website, and they will deliver it to you. When it comes time for maintenance, they will come by and pick up your car while delivering another for you to drive around in until your vehicle is finished. It is a fantastic owner experience that more brands should implement in our fast paced society.

Thank you to Genesis Canada for providing the vehicle.

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