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Review: 2010 Nissan 370Z (Modified)

Nissan 370Z Supercharged-3Performance – A standard 370Z is no slouch compared to other sports cars producing a very respectable 332 hp from its 3.7L V6. However, this particular Z car is supercharged so the power is higher… a lot higher. The supercharger is a Stillen centrifugal kit which puts the total power output to approximately 500 hp at the crank. The power is actually very manageable even for a novice driver because the delivery is linear and similar to that of the BMW M3. During my test drive it was raining very hard and although the rear wheels did slip a bit in 3rd gear under full throttle, when it’s dry I think that the high performance summer tires will provide enough grip to stick the power even in 2nd gear. Although the power is manageable and you get the sensation of being in full control, the noises that the car makes from the supercharger intake whistle to the roar of the exhaust, gives the Z a sense of theater and excitement which makes driving it so much more exhilarating.

Nissan 370Z Supercharged-7Around corners the 370Z is composed and well balanced. This Z has KW Variant 3 coilover suspension that is set up for a bit of under steer at the limit however during my test drive I wasn’t able to push the car too hard in the wet. Also the short wheelbase of the Z coupled with quick steering makes the car agile when chaining directions from left to right or vice versa. The steering wheel feel is very good being both well weighted and communicative to the driver. Braking is done by 6-piston AP Racing calipers on the front and 4-psiton on the rear and the brakes require very little pedal push to actually stop the 370Z.

Nissan 370Z Supercharged-18Comfort – When I first saw the car and how low to the ground it is, I was expecting this to be a want-to-be race car for the road with harsh, unforgiving suspension. However, to my surprise, I was wrong. The suspension absorbs a lot of the bumpy city roads making the 370Z a decent daily driver car. The cabin does feel cramped but all 6’5″ of me fit in it with no issues. However I do want to say that the Stätus racing seats are too small for me but they are perfectly sized for the owner so I can’t really complain about them. The only drawback to having this type of car as a daily driver is that trunk space is nearly non-existent. Also visibility out the back and when shoulder checking is awful due to the rear spoiler and the massive b-pillar.

Nissan 370Z Supercharged-6Odds and Ends – Although the rear wing does hamper visibility out the back, it also gives the car an extra flare. Along with the Amuse Powerhouse body kit, this is one of the best looking 370Z cars on the road… especially from the back.

One feature that I really like and enjoyed “testing” was the SynchroRev match feature. This system predicts when the driver will down shift and automatically “blips” the engine to allow for a smoother downshift. I was skeptical at first when I heard of this system but after trying it for myself; I wonder why more manual sports cars don’t have this system because it works flawlessly.

Nissan 370Z Supercharged-16When I first set eyes on this particular 370Z I thought that it would be too uncomfortable to drive around a city but after having the opportunity to drive it, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the owner modified it to be a good blend between a comfortable daily driver and a weekend track car. This was the third 500hp car that I’ve driven in my life but unlike the other two; I did not feel intimidated by the power in this one.

Thank you to the owner for the opportunity to test drive this vehicle and if you have an interesting car or motorcycle that you’d like to have reviewed and photographed, contact us using the Contact form.

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