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Photos: L’Atelier Renault & Le Rendez-Vous Toyota

During my trip to Europe, I stayed in Paris for a few days and to my surprise there are two very interesting “dealerships” on the Champs-Élysées.

The first showroom that I came across was L’Atelier Renault. As well as having new production vehicles on display, it also had two race cars (both fake) on display. There was also a restaurant on the upper floor overlooking the entire showroom and the food was very delicious.

Renault L'Atelier 04 Renault L'Atelier 03 Renault L'Atelier 01 Renault L'Atelier 02 Renault Megane Trophy 01 Renault Megane Trophy 03 Renault Megane Trophy 02 Renault Megane Trophy 04 Renault Formula 1 Car 02 Renault Formula 1 Car 01 Renault Clio RS Renault Sport 1.6L EDC Turbo Engine 01 Renault Sport 1.6L EDC Turbo Engine 02 Renault Sport 1.6L EDC Turbo Engine 03 Renault Sport 1.6L EDC Turbo Engine 04 Renault L'Atelier Toys 01 Renault L'Atelier Toys 02

The second showroom that I visited was Le Rendez-Vous Toyota. It was very much the same as L’Atelier Renault but without the restaurant. It featured LeMans race cars of old and new as well as a concept car.

Toyota GT86 01 Toyota TRD GT86 08 Toyota TRD GT86 02 Toyota FT-HS 01 Toyota FT-HS 04 Toyota FT-HS 03 Toyota FT-HS 02 Toyota FT-HS 05 Toyota 2000GT 01 Toyota 2000GT 02 Toyota 2000GT 03 Toyota TS030 01 Toyota TS030 02 Toyota TS030 03 Toyota TS030 Hybrid Engine 01 Toyota TS030 Hybrid Engine 02 Toyota TS020 03 Toyota TS020 02 Toyota TS020 01 Toyota LeMans Trophy Toyota Racing Cars Toyota TRD GT86 06 Toyota TRD GT86 07 Toyota TRD GT86 05 Toyota TRD GT86 03 Toyota TRD GT86 04

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