News: The Maserati MC20 Supercar is Still a Go

Earlier this year, Maserati teased a very early prototype of an all-new supercar that the brand is building. That prototype was built on a makeshift Alfa Romeo 4C body and was the test bed for the upcoming Maserati MC20. Fast forward to May 2020 when the car was supposed to be launched and Maserati decided to postpone the reveal. Unfortunately due to the worldwide crisis, Maserati is planning to unveil their latest “halo car” sometime in September.

Maserati MC20 Prototype
Photo Courtesy of Maserati

But while the car won’t be fully unveiled at this moment, Maserati has released some well cropped images of the upcoming MC20. It is obviously not a production version and it has livery that is a blend of unique camouflage and a bit of Maserati Eldorado – a race car from the late 1950’s that was driven by Sir Stirling Moss in the Trofeo dei due Mondi. This Maserati MC20 prototype pays homage to the late Sir Stirling Moss who passed away last month at the age of 90.

The Maserati MC20 was originally thought to be a 2+2 front engined sports car but has since evolved to a mid-engine supercar since rumors first began. Powering the MC20 will most likely be a V6 engine with a couple of turbochargers bolted to it. Maserati says that this will be the first 100% in-house built engine as Ferrari will eventually stop supplying engines to the company. A report from Car & Driver says that the twin-turbo V6 will produce over 600 hp with a hybrid version coming later with more power.

This could be a make or break moment for Maserati as a lot of money must have been invested into creating an all-new engine for the car that will also probably be used in other future vehicles. As well this MC20 will be the first of a few new models for the brand as a lot of Maserati’s current models are very old by automotive standards. Barring any future worldwide pandemics, expect to see the full reveal in September.

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