News: BMW’s Electric Flagship is Coming; 2022 BMW iX

After a very slow start into the electric car segment, BMW is in top gear when it comes to electrifying their models. The iX3 and the i4 are now joined by the X5-sized 2022 BMW iX which will be the company’s flagship all-electric SUV for the time being.

2022 BMW iX

This new BMW iX will have a range of just over 300 miles (480 km) and is said to be able to do the industry standard test of 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds. This is thanks to an electric motor at each axle with a total output of 500 hp. The new BMW iX will be able to charge from a 200 kW capable charging station which will allow the battery to be charged to 80% in less than 40 minutes. From a more common level 2 charger, the iX can be charged to 100% in 11 hours.

The 2022 BMW iX is similar in length and width as the current BMW X5 but has a lower roof line. The chassis is a blend of carbon fiber reinforced plastics and aluminum space-frame for reduced weight but high levels of torsional rigidity. BMW claims that the body has a best-in-class drag coefficient of 0.25 and that is further aided by the unique 22-inch Air Performance wheels which are said to reduce drag by 15% when compared to conventional wheels.

The interior is much more spacious than traditional gasoline powered vehicles due to a lack of a transmission and driveline. There is no center hump on the rear floor and there’s a pass-through between the front seats where the transmission would normally be. The hexagon shaped steering wheel provides a clear view of the digital screen in front of the driver while to the left is a large infotainment screen with thinly shaped air vents just below. BMW has stated that the iX will offer a high-level of self-driving capability which could mean level 3 semi-autonomous capability.

Production of the 2022 BMW iX will begin next year with deliveries to the US & Canadian markets probably closer to 2022.

Full Press Release: First ever 2022 BMW iX

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