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Review: 2022 Volvo S90 Plug In Hybrid T8 Inscription AWD Extended Range – A Powerful and Luxurious Sedan

The 2022 Volvo S90 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid T8 Inscription AWD Extended Range is a powerful but fuel-efficient sedan. It is a very comfortable luxurious car that looks classy.

2022 Volvo S90 Recharge Exterior


The S90 is equipped with a 2.0L Direct Injected electric supercharged and turbocharged engine, along with an electric motor. It produces a combined 455hp and 523lb-ft of torque. It is paired with an 8-speed geartronic automatic transmission and an 18.8kWh battery. 0 -60 mph (0-96 km/h) is done is just a little over 6 seconds. The S90 Recharge is rated for 8.5L/100km (28 MPG) in a city and 7.6L/100km (31 MPG) on a highway. It has a combined rating of 8.1L/100km (29 MPG). These are the fuel economy ratings without continuously pluging in the car to recharge. During my time with the S90, I averaged a combined 6.5L/100km (36 MPG). One thing I loved about this S90 Recharge was the electric range. It is rated for 61km (38 miles) which is great for a plug-in hybrid. I was able to get the most out of it during my week with the car. I barely used up fuel during my time with it. This car is perfect for daily city driving and even better if you have access to a fast charger. I was able to drive to and from work on pure electric mode. The only time I switched to Hybrid was during longer trips.


2022 Volvo S90 Recharge Exterior

The S90 Recharge has more than enough power to overtake a vehicle without requiring much effort from your right foot. It does not struggle to gain speed. Acceleration is quick and smooth. Brakes are firm which gives you confidence in case you need to brake quickly. Although the S90 feels and drives fast, it does not drive like a sports car. Now that isn’t a bad thing as Volvo did not intend for the S90 Recharge plug in hybrid to be a sports car. The S90 is a comfortable ride, it looks big and feels big when you are sitting on the driver seat, but it is easy to drive and get around once you are comfortable with it. It is comfortable enough, but it does not feel light weight when maneuvering. The AWD system makes driving on a windy road stable.

2022 Volvo S90 Recharge Interior


The 2022 S90 is a full-size luxury sedan. There is more than enough space in the front and back of the car with plenty of headroom and legroom. The amount of space in the S90 is the second thing I loved about it.  Although it is a sedan, a family with small kids could still be owners of a S90 with how much space there is in the backseats. Seats are very comfortable both in the front and back. The only small issue may be that the S90 sits low so getting in and out will of course not be as simple or comfortable as getting out of a SUV.


2022 Volvo S90 Recharge Interior

The S90 is equipped with a 12.3-inch driver display. The infotainment system however is not the greatest in my opinion as it is not very user friendly. It may take you a while to get used to using the controls and where to locate them. If you are someone that prefers more physical buttons than a touchscreen, then this may be an issue. Most of the controls are all on touchscreen. Aside from the infotainment system, the interior of the S90 Recharge is beautiful. Amber or Blond leather interior makes the S90 look stunning. It has a very premium feel with high quality materials used throughout the cabin. It is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, leather steering wheel and seats, 4 zone climate control to name a few.


The S90 Extended Recharge is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels with 20-inch wheels being an option. This is one of those cars that is subtle. It may not turn many heads like say a BMW or Mercedes would as it is does not have a sporty look nor does it have a large grille that attracts.



You might have caught on earlier that I really like the 2022 Volvo S90 Plug in Hybrid. It is powerful even though it may not seem like it, it has plenty of space that makes for a comfortable ride. With the larger battery, you get more electric range which is great. The interior feels and looks luxurious with the high-quality materials used; the exterior of the sedan is just as great. The S90 also costs less than its competitors though as equipped it came to a total of $89,500 CAD ($65,882.29 USD). The S90 does not have a sporty feel to it so you may find it to be boring while driving as it is not as engaging. Touchscreen controls can take some getting used to and isn’t user friendly. Volvos are known for few glitches in their systems but other than that, the S90 is a great luxury sedan. Now right off the bat, I’m sure this isn’t a first option for most people looking into large sedans, but I think once you test drive a S90 you might just change your mind.

Thank you to Volvo Canada for providing the vehicle.

2022 Volvo S90 T8 Recharge Gallery

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