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Photos: 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

A quick photo shoot with a brand new 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Yes, it is a bit dirty and it has not been detailed but this is what one looks like after it has had it’s pre-delivery inspection (PDI). The Corvette is one of the biggest bargains on the market right now with a supercharged 650 hp V8 engine, carbon ceramic brakes, and semi-slick Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires all for “only” $125,000. That price tag may be out of reach for most people but the Corvette will keep up and beat supercars costing two or three times as much. Enjoy the pictures.

2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-1-copy2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-3-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-12-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-4-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-17-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-13-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-2-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-5-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-6-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-19-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-7-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-8-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-15-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-9-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-10-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-11-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-14-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-16-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-18-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-21-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-20-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-22-copy 2017-chevrolet-corvette-z06-23-copy


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