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Photos: Ducati Superbikes

by: Mike Ginsca

models: Kristina & Polina

Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, and Carbon Fiber. To most, these are just random materials that you find in everyday items all around you… with maybe the exception of carbon fiber. But to the Italians, these materials can combine to make pieces of moving art. Aluminum in the engine, steel in the exhaust, plastic in the bodywork, and carbon fiber in the details. In recent years, Ducati has taken styling and performance to another level with the 1098 and 1199. During its time, the 1098 had the highest torque-to-weight ratio of any superbike ever made. Then came the completely redesigned 1199 that did away with a traditional frame and the engine became the backbone of the bike. The end result was a smaller and more nimble bike that packed a 195hp engine and a claimed top speed of 285 km/h. This is not a review of any of these amazing bikes but rather a showcase of Italian beauty and engineering… and also two beautiful women, of course. Enjoy.

girls-x-ducatis-1 girls-x-ducatis-2 girls-x-ducatis-3 girls-x-ducatis-4 girls-x-ducatis-5 girls-x-ducatis-6 girls-x-ducatis-7 girls-x-ducatis-8 girls-x-ducatis-9 girls-x-ducatis-10 girls-x-ducatis-12 girls-x-ducatis-13 girls-x-ducatis-14 girls-x-ducatis-15 girls-x-ducatis-17 girls-x-ducatis-18 girls-x-ducatis-20 girls-x-ducatis-19 girls-x-ducatis-21 girls-x-ducatis-27 girls-x-ducatis-23 girls-x-ducatis-22 girls-x-ducatis-24 girls-x-ducatis-26 girls-x-ducatis-29 girls-x-ducatis-30 girls-x-ducatis-32 girls-x-ducatis-33 girls-x-ducatis-36 girls-x-ducatis-34 girls-x-ducatis-38 girls-x-ducatis-35 girls-x-ducatis-40


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