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Photos: 2016 Porsche Parade

by: Mike Ginsca

The Porsche Parade is an annual event in West Vancouver that brings together Porsche enthusiasts not only to drool over the vehicles but also to help local charities. Enjoy the pictures.

Porsche Parade-18 copy Porsche Parade-16 copy Porsche Parade-17 copy Porsche Parade-11 copy Porsche Parade-15 copy Porsche Parade-14 copy Porsche Parade-13 copy Porsche Parade-12 copy Porsche Parade-1 copy Porsche Parade-2 copy Porsche Parade-3 copy Porsche Parade-4 copy Porsche Parade-5 copy Porsche Parade-6 copy Porsche Parade-7 copy Porsche Parade-8 copy Porsche Parade-10 copy Porsche Parade-9 copy Porsche Parade-20 copy Porsche Parade-19 copy Porsche Parade-23 copy Porsche Parade-21 copy Porsche Parade-22 copy Porsche Parade-25 copy Porsche Parade-24 copy Porsche Parade-26 copy Porsche Parade-27 copy Porsche Parade-28 copy Porsche Parade-29 copy Porsche Parade-30 copyPorsche Parade-31 copy


Hi, my name is Mike Ginsca and this website is about car and motorcycle reviews that I've had the opportunity to drive and ride over the course of my life. I am not a professional driver/rider or a journalist, I am doing this because I have a passion for driving/riding and I like to write. All opinions expressed on this website are mine and mine alone, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I'm not saying that I'm always right, I will make mistakes. Having said that, I hope that you enjoy this website and share it with your friends.

3 comments on “Photos: 2016 Porsche Parade

  1. Nice pictures, stunning cars. The one with the “white walker” is a nice touch

  2. obaroedeye

    Reblogged this on autosoid.

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