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Photos: Drive to Conquer Cancer

This weekend, a charity meet and cruise was held in Vancouver to help raise money and awareness to support the BC Cancer Foundation. In all, approximately 200 cars turned up to the meet ranging from Subaru BRZs to Lamborghini Aventadors and everything in between.

Thank you to the Event organizers Vancity Exotics and Vancouver Motocars as well as the Police officer that escorted the “restless” cars during the cruise.

DCC-3 copyDCC-1 copy DCC-4 copy DCC-5 copy DCC-6 copy DCC-7 copy DCC-8 copy DCC-23 copy DCC-22 copy DCC-12 copy DCC-9 copy DCC-10 copy DCC-11 copy DCC-21 copy DCC-19 copy DCC-26 copy DCC-25 copy DCC-27 copy DCC-28 copy DCC-29 copy DCC-30 copy DCC-33 copy DCC-32 copy DCC-34 copy DCC-35 copy DCC-36 copy DCC-40 copy DCC-37 copy DCC-42 copy DCC-41 copy DCC-39 copy DCC-38 copy DCC-2 copy DCC-31 copy DCC-14 copy DCC-17 copy DCC-15 copy DCC-18 copy DCC-20 copy DCC-16 copy DCC-13 copy DCC-24 copy DCC-44 copy DCC-45 copy DCC-51 copy DCC-43 copy DCC-47 copy DCC-46 copy DCC-48 copy DCC-49 copy DCC-50 copy DCC-52 copy DCC-63 copy DCC-54 copy DCC-53 copy DCC-56 copy DCC-55 copy DCC-65 copy DCC-57 copy DCC-62 copy DCC-61 copy DCC-58 copy DCC-59 copy DCC-60 copy DCC-70 copy DCC-69 copy DCC-64 copy DCC-67 copy DCC-66 copy DCC-68 copy DCC-71 copy DCC-72 copy DCC-73 copy DCC-75 copy DCC-76 copy DCC-77 copy DCC-74 copy DCC-79 copy DCC-80 copy DCC-81 copy DCC-84 copy DCC-83 copy DCC-82 copy DCC-85 copy DCC-87 copy DCC-86 copy

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