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Photos: 2013 Vancouver Luxury & Supercar Weekend Part 2

As promised in Part 1 of the Luxury & Supercar Weekend post, here is Part 2 of my day at the event. Enjoy

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 02 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 01 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 05 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 04 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 03 Lamborghini Aventador stripe Lamborghini Aventador white front Lamborghini Aventador white Lamborghini Aventador rear Lamborghini Aventador group Lamborghini Aventador group rear Lamborghini Aventador red Lamborghini Aventador headlight Lamborghini Aventador wheel Lamborghini Miura Lamborghini Miura front Lamborghini Miura rear Lamborghini Diablo Lamborghini Murcielago Lamborghini Murcielago rear Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Lamborghini Gallardo SPyder modified Lamborghini Aventador modified 01 Lamborghini Aventador modified 02 Aston Martin Vanquish 01 Aston Martin Vanquish 02 Aston Martin Vanquish 03 Aston Martin Vanquish 04 BMW M3 Chevrolet Camaro Dragster pickup Dragster pickup engine DSC_0042 DMC Delorean DMC Delorean side Dodge Viper Ferrari 430 16M Scuderia Ferrari 458 Reiko Ferrari 458 Reiko rear Ferrari 458 Reiko engine Ferrari 458 Pur wheel Ferrari Classic Ferrari classic engine Ferrari classic engine 2 Ferrari 599 GTB Reiko 1 Ferrari 599 GTB Reiko 2 Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse 01 Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse 02 Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse 03 Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse 07 Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse 05 Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse 04 Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse 06 Fisker Karma Ford GT40 Ford GT40 engine Jaguar F-type white front Jaguar F-type interior Jaguar F-type white rear Jaguar F-type red 02 Jaguar F-type red 01 Jaguar XKE group Jaguar XKE Lexus LFA Red 01 Lexus LFA Red 05 Lexus LFA Red 02 Lexus LFA Red 03 Lexus LFA Red 04 Lexus LFA white 01 Lexus LFA white 02 Lexus LFA white 04 Lexus LFA white 03 Lexus tent


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Editor at large and gearhead. Can drive anything on 4 or 2 wheels... sometimes 3 wheels too.

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