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Photos: 2013 Vancouver Importfest

Highlights from the 2013 Vancouver Importfest. All in all, it was a pretty small show in comparison with other automotive shows that Vancouver hosts but some very nice (and expensive) cars were displayed. Enjoy the pictures.

Dodge Viper SRT10 Ferrari 458 Italia Fisker Karma Lamborghini Aventador Lexus LFA Nissan 370Z Black 2 Nissan 370Z Black Nissan 370Z Vossen Nissan R35 GTR Rolls Royce Phantom Scion FRS Rocket Bunny 2 Scion FRS Rocket Bunny Scion FRSDucati 848 Matte Black


6 comments on “Photos: 2013 Vancouver Importfest

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  2. Great photos!!! When I first opened the page I saw that Dodge Viper and was all “That’s not an import!!! Get it right bro!” But then I realized in Canada a Dodge is an import. (I’m from America if you didn’t get that). Great photos!! Please share if you’ve got any more!!

  3. Ashley was there!! Have any more pictures of her??

  4. I remember the OpenRoad Rocket Bunny FRS being for sale a little while ago.
    Do you know if it still is?

    • Yep, I remember it too but I don’t really know what happened to that car. I haven’t seen it at all since about mid 2014.

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