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Review: 2012 Mazda 6 GT V6

The Mazda 6 received a major update in 2009 with various improvements including a redesigned body and a new engine to name a few.

Photo Courtesy Mazda Motor Corporation


Performance – The new 3.7L V6 engine is actually a very impressive engine. It produces 272 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque which is more than enough to pull the big body around. Although the V6 no longer comes with a manual gearbox, the automatic is surprisingly good when driving the car like you stole it. The automatic does have a “manual” mode which holds the gears even when you’re not accelerating but most of the people who buy this type of car will most likely never use the feature. It comes standard with traction control and electronic stability control and because of the lack of a limited slip differential, under hard acceleration out of a corner, the TC light will be flashing constantly as the program tries to prevent the inside front wheel from spinning.

Through the corners the car unfortunately feels like a 1990’s American car. The suspension is made for absorbing bumps and giving a smooth and comfortable ride rather than providing face bending lateral Gs. As a city or long cruise car, it is very comfortable.

Photo Courtesy Mazda Motor Corporation


Comfort – If it takes you 2 hours to get to work every day, then this is one car that you definitely have to consider. The seats are very soft and comfortable even if you have to spend hours in stop and go traffic. There is a lot of leg and head room in the cabin including the back seats which can accommodate a 6”5” person (like myself) with plenty of comfort. The cabin is very well refined and lets very little outside noise come inside such as wind noise or tire noise. If you were to blindfold someone and put them in the car, they could mistake the car for a Bentley.

Photo Courtesy Mazda Motor Corporation


Odds and Ends – The styling is hit or miss, it really depends on what your taste is. The trunk space is massive. You can fit 2 or 3 bodi… err I mean sets of golf clubs. The only minus of this car in my opinion is the price. Yes $32,000 for the V6 is a good starting price but you’re not getting a whole lot for your money and unfortunately if you want the extras you’d have to pay closer to $38,000 for the GT model.

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